Ellen DeGeneres Sexual Assault Allegations Could Finally Cancel Her

  • The Ellen DeGeneres dumpster fire continues to rage out of control.
  • New allegations suggest that some higher-level employees engaged in sexual misconduct.
  • If even one of these allegations passes the smell test, DeGeneres needs to step down immediately.

When I asked, “how low can you go, Ellen DeGeneres?” I meant it hypothetically.

Apparently, however, The Universe took it as a challenge.

And now, new allegations have been unearthed that suggests that DeGeneres’ higher-level employees engaged in sexual misconduct against their lower-level charges.

This, of course, comes in the wake of all the other allegations that have put her eponymous show under an active investigation by its parent company, WarnerMedia.

If even one of these allegations are true, DeGeneres needs to step down immediately.

More Trouble For Ellen DeGeneres

As if everything going on wasn’t bad enough, multiple former employees of Ellen DeGeneres’ eponymous show have come forward to lodge sexual impropriety allegations against writer/executive producer Kevin Lehman and embattled executive producer Ed Glavin.

While Glavin didn’t respond to the allegations, Lehman categorically denied them.

Both men are accused of varying degrees of sexual assault and misconduct, including “getting handsy” with women, making sexually inappropriate comments, creating a culture of fear and intimidation, and even — in the case of Lehman — nearly forcing himself on an employee at a company party.

These allegations come in the wake of Ellen DeGeneres releasing an obsequious, insincere, and narcissistic “apology” in which she abdicated responsibility, portrayed herself as the victim, and begged her employees to stay on.

Now, however, things have clearly reached a breaking point.

She Wants To Step Down — And She Should

Amidst growing reports that the proverbial heat is getting too intense for Ellen DeGeneres comes reports that she is looking to “step down” from her role on her eponymous talk show.

If this is true, then it’s an act that’s long overdue.

Short of finding a Jeffrey Dahmer-style freezer in her basement, I’m not sure how much worse Ellen DeGeneres can be. | Source: Twitter

0But even if it isn’t true — even if DeGeneres is still blindly holding on to the hope that she can still save her tattered reputation and pull her show from the wreckage — if even one of these sexual misconduct allegations passes the “smell test,” she needs to step down immediately.

Short of finding a Jeffrey Dahmer-style freezer in her basement, I’m really not sure how much worse Ellen DeGeneres can be.

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Last modified: August 2, 2020 9:58 AM UTC

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